Design and Production Cycle

We at Meccanica 2P design and manufacture our industrial machines and systems in-house. The production process follows state-of-the-art job order management techniques designed to optimise project times and ensure quick delivery times. Based on co-design principles, we at Meccanica 2P involve our clients in the design process to provide the solution that best suits their requirements.

At Meccanica 2P, the life cycle of an industrial automation starts with the idea of a project and ends with the disposal of old systems. We have divided the life cycle of a product into the following stages, so as to monitor the quality of the services provided with efficacy and precision.


We at Meccanica 2P are still bound to a craftsmanship concept and we support the client throughout the various stages of the project. We start from analysing the specifications and preliminary drafts and exchanging ideas. We explore various possible scenarios to define the crucial points of the machines and systems we are going to manufacture. During this stage, we identify the operating parameters of the job order quickly and accurately so as to find the solution that best suits the client’s requirements.


After meeting our clients and suppliers to analyse the feasibility of the preliminary project, we draft a logical and functional design layout, which includes all the essential components and their characteristics.

This document serves as a guideline for all the players involved in the project (mechanical and electrical designers, assemblers, etc.).


Meccanica 2P’s machines and industrial automation systems are highly customised solutions based on the requirements of our international clients. That’s why their design is complex and diversified.
Our technical office relies on state-of-the-art computer-assisted design technologies, such as 3D CAD and CAM tools to bring the project to the pre-production stage.


Both the machines and industrial systems are manufactured in-house.
Meccanica 2P controls all the stages of the process, from the construction of parts to their assembly, thus obtaining always top-quality products.


Working in a global market requires flexibility, as we are asked to meet requests that entail a wide range of performance and specific formats for each market. Under this perspective, electronics has become more and more essential. That’s why the core of our systems is the electrical panel, which allows for total control of the machinery, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, thus ensuring excellent results.


Meccanica 2P’s control systems and man-machine interfaces are intuitive and easy to use and are very much appreciated. Our aim is to allow any operator to learn how to use the machines easily and quickly. In fact, they can easily control any parameter involved in the supply operation from the control panel.


The quality control includes two stages:

1. We carry out the dry testing in our factory. During this stage, Meccanica 2P’s technicians run accurate tests to considerably reduce commissioning times at the client’s premises.
2. We also run a second testing at the construction site. In fact, the supply includes the assembly, commissioning, and final testing of the machines.


We at Meccanica 2P also provide after-sales assistance. This way, we follow the entire life cycle of the machines, including their disposal.

Moreover, our remote assistance systems make the maintenance of the machines even more effective and they allow the client to save time and money.


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