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Meccanica 2P is well-known and very much appreciated in Italy and abroad thanks to the attention and care we put in everything we do. This stems from the harmony we have created in this company where the human dimension is highly emphasised.

The respect we have gained in over 40 years is the result of the quality of our products and services. This has made us a reliable reference point for those who want their investments to be smart. We have built our reputation brick by brick.

How a geographic area can be a huge hub of ideas. 

The company is based in Cavaso del Tomba near Possagno (known to be Antonio Canova’s hometown), which has been well-known for the production of roof tiles since ancient times. The landscape is dotted with bricks and tiles factories, which started as family workshops, but then evolved into a global hub for the production of roof tiles.

Pasquale Sartor – the founder of Meccanica 2P – worked closely with the bricks and tiles factories owners of this area, creating, in 1977, the flying saw cutter, a machine that was bound to change the production of roof tiles forever. This electromechanical machine use a series of cams and levers to make the so-called “Possagno roof tile”, by cutting it continuously from the block of clay.

From that moment, Meccanica 2P has been collaborating with the bricks and tiles factories, which helped the company improve both the machines and the finished product. Soon Sartor’s work started involving different stages of the production cycle, from the first roof tile systems to a wider range of cutters and system parts.

Over the years, the construction techniques for cutters, systems, and the technology they embed have been revolutionised by the use of robotics. Even if we are driven by progress, we at Meccanica 2P have maintained the spirit of craftsmanship, which is the core of the company.

We focus on the client, we listen to their suggestions and meet their requests, today as in the past. Meccanica 2P’s main goal is to provide each client with a bespoke product to ensure satisfaction for every project.

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